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Water Logs

Coco coir logs are popular material choices for use in construction zones, restoration areas, for environmental preservation on hillsides, or for aquatic erosion control. Coir logs are strong enough to withstand weather conditions such as heavy rains and, when staked to a hillside, help prevent soil slippage by holding the water until sediment settles.

In aquatic areas, coir logs are used to stabilize shorelines by protecting them from erosion caused by waves. Coir logs are also used to encourage vegetation development and prevent the buildup of items such as rocks and plant or tree debris from interfering with the flow of water.


Diameter Length Weight
30cm 3m 32 Kg
30cm 6m 64Kg
40cm 3m 67Kg
40cm 6m 114Kg
50cm 3m 89Kg
50cm 6m 178Kg