Green ScienX

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter of premium Coir Products from India. We manufacture 100% Natural and Organic Coir Products to the horticulture, floriculture & substrates Industry. Our Company makes use of the most modern technologies and machineries along with high quality materials to produce different blends of Coir-Coco peat Substrates.

“Customer Satisfaction is our Motto”.

In order to guarantee a premium quality product whilst ensuring delivery targets, a continuous and ample supply of Coir Pith is required. This is why we place our factory at the heart of the coconut triangle region in India

Complete Solution for crops

The hydroponic technique is suitable for wide variety of crops such as vegetables (Tomato, Pepper, Cucumber, Strawberry, Melon, Watermelon, Green bean….), Floriculture (Gerbera, rose, Carnation, orchid….) and also for propagation nurseries (Vegetables, citrus trees, olive trees, fruit trees….). As well as certain ornamental crops sensible to root asphyxia.

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